Friday, February 18, 2011

Felted Fedora Hat - Creating Texture with Novelty Yarn

Ladies Fedora - 57cms
Fine Merino tops and acrylic and mohair novelty yarn
  I had promised to post some more samples of textures, but  I decided to try some textures on this little fedora instead. 

After laying down graduated colours using merino tops I selected a number of novelty yarns to be gathered ready for my texture.  Most novelty yarns have a cotton thread through the centre that can be gently pulled to create interesting effects.   Some yarns were laid down in lengths while others were cut into little caterpillars.  I was pleasantly surprised at the range of texture that emerged.

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  1. Hey, it's really looking interesting. I have not seen this type of Fedora. I am totally surprised to this Felted Fedora hat. It's awesomely looking magnificent and great. Thanks for sharing.


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