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"My Market Place"  is the place to display works for sale..... that until now have been hoarded in dark cupboards.  There may also be a link to a photo stream.

If you see anything you would like to buy, please email me for information at
most works on my blog are for sale.

You will find more works here:
Scarves, shawls and sashes
Pixie Beanies - Felted Merino

Once you have selected your item I will send you my PayPal email address.  You then have the option of using the "Donate" button here to pay for your goods (just follow the prompts and enter the purchase details)  or go directly to your PayPal account to enter the purchase details.


To pay for  item/s click the Donate button and log into Pay Pal.

Please email me first for the correct postage and the account information you will need to enter when paying with PayPal.


Happy felting

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