The Chest

The "The Chest" is for the little treasures I have around the house that may rarely see the light of day. With them here I am reminded that they are there and can bring them out once in a while. It is also for viewing the occasional photo that is stored in my home made wooden chest. A little bit of nostalgia.....

There are treasures to found every where and one of my favourite blogs was set up by India Flint  "Found, Stitched and Dyed"  Anyone can contribute a treasure to this blog.  Drop by and read some of the wonderful stories behind the finds.

Finding more treasures .....back soon.

This is a little gem that belonged to my Auntie who passed away about 10 years ago.  I'm not sure what era it belongs to....I suspect about 1930's. It has small enamel leaves and flowers attached to a very fine mesh....very intricate work for such a chunky piece.  If anyone can tell me anything about it I would love to hear from you.

A real vintage photo of my Grandmother and her daughters.  My mother is on the left and Auntie on the right. 

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