Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspired by Bark - Felted Wall Hanging - The Process


My neighbour was peeling bark off her Paper Bark trees and she did I noticed the wonderful colours on the underside. I had not long finished solar dyeing some merino tops and thought they would work well in recreating some of the barks patterns.

I needed some embellishments so pulled out the basket of roughly hand spun.  What a tangle!  I had spun these balls a few years ago...trying my best to make them as uneven as possible.  For many years prior I had spun very fine even yarn that did not inspire me at all.  I wanted something organic looking and I was surprised how hard it was to spin chunks and slubs randomly.  Now they were to be put to good use. 

To make the yarn more interesting I gathered the over spun yarn creating various spirals (above)

Some novelty yarns were also gathered to create fluffy lengths reminiscent of caterpillars  ( above)  and nobbles (below).

 Pieces of Medical gauze were distressed and then dyed with tea bags.

More novelty yarn was frayed for yet another effect (below)

Below are a few shots of the process as the bits and pieces came together to form a unique wall hanging .

The finished hanging will be posted later.

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