Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Felted Beanies

Winter is here and I have decided to take time out from the Gum Tree Garden Studio for  a little while.   The wet cold weather provides the perfect opportunity to do some felting and replenish my supply of hats, beanies and scarves.

I love wearing these popular Pixie beanies and have 2 more orders to fill.

Pixie beanie ready for shaping

After shaping  SOLD

Pixie beanie shaped and worn with folds pushed down. 
It can also be worn with folds pulled out as shown in images above.


  1. Dawno nie gościłaś. Czytam i dziwię się, że zima. Patrzę Australia. Jak na ironię godzinę temu wyszła ode mnie przyjaciółka od 30 lat mieszkająca w Australii. U nas zaczyna się lato, wiec jeszcze nie czas na czapki. Twoja jest piękna.

  2. Hi Zdolność-tworzenia
    Yes, winter has set in down under and the Winter Solstice is only a week or so away. I hope the weather on your side of the world does not get too hot for you and your Aussie visitor.

  3. hello joan,

    your pixie beanie hat is very beautiful and good feltwork! i love the colors.
    sorry, my english is not good....

    monica /filz-t-raum.ch

  4. Hi Monica
    Thanks for the kind words. Your english is excellent. I only have one language and depend totally on the Google Translator. So if Google gets the translation wrong my resposes may not make sense :). How lovely to be bi-lingual.

  5. Joan, after your friends request on facebook i went here and remembered being here and admiring your beautiful felt.
    You're in my blogrol now...I like blogs more than fb..it's so timeconsuming, it makes me so nervous to do all the things that seems so nice.But now I understand where my power is. I have to accept too that my broken back (I can walk but not sit) allows me to make little things and am happy with it!
    glad to refound you!

  6. I agree fb is very time consumming. I have placed it as an extension of my blog where I can enjoy the creations of others from time to time. Your work is wonderful and I feel humbled by your perserverance to create inspite of your pain. My chronic fatigue seems so small in comparison.


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