Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shiraz - Felted Merino Hat

Even though this little hat was on my blog slide show it needed "tweaking" before selling. I had it at the Jondaryan Festival just as a display piece when a lady fell in love with it and wanted to buy it there and then.  Of course I wasn't able to until it was finished and gave her my blog address should she still want to buy.  She contacted me two weeks later and spurred me on to get it finished. 

My little Shiraz hat will soon be going to a new home. This one is hard to let go as it is one of the few hats that I could actually wear without looking strange.  Oh well,  I will just have to make another one with the same template and hope it looks as good. 

Well, here it is "tweaked".  I used  merino tops and laminate with dark red organza.  Black felt pieces embellished with silk waste were inserted  randomly and the brim area received a sprinkling of mohair curls in pink tones.  This created an interesting texture that was hard to see in the original photos.  So pick up the texture in the new shots I followed the sun around the house and actually got the best light on top of the washing machine.  You should be able to see the organza bubbling through in some areas.

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  1. Hi Joan,
    hat lloks great,I love it.You must be very busy .I had lots of things to do-like tax return and some other paperwork.At the moment I am kniting scarf for another parcel from our Japanese daughter's mum and want to send her scarf I made.
    All the best


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