Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shades of Lavender - Silk and Merino Felted Cobweb Scarf.

Yet another cobweb scarf.  This time with blended merino and silk in lovely pastel shades of lavender, blue, pink ....and the shine of natural silk.   I made this one  a little smaller than the previous scarf......they just take sooooo long to make I decided to take a short cut and make a regular length.  This one measures 104 cms x 19cms  (7 1/2 inches x 41 inches) and weighs a tiny 13 grams. 

This one may end up going down to the Pittsworth Craft and fine Food Festival as well.

This time I didn't use the sander. In the first stages I covered the tops with an old lace curtain and partially felted with lots of soapy water checking the progress by lifting the curtain often.  I found that the very soapy water allowed me to float the fibres into a lacy position as I went.  I then covered the scarf with a clear plastic sheet and felted by hand.  I could see what was happening easily through the plastic and every now and then lifted the plastic and gently stretched the the scarf back into shape....helping the web to open.
Fully stretched - I repeated this felt
 and stretch process until the scarf was fully
Notice how wide the scarf was stretched.

Right side is in the process of being  gently stretched to open up the web

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  1. Hey Joan,

    I really like the cross fading of the light purples and lavenders in this scarf. It seems so light and delicate. It is really amazing how you are manipulating the textiles and felt in your other pieces as well. Very inspiring. Eventually I would really like to work with textiles again. (like I did for the fashion show, which I am really glad you were able to see.) :)

    By the way, thank you so much for all of the encouraging comments! I really appreciate them :D


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