Monday, September 20, 2010

Dream Catcher

My friends have thrown their hands up in despair once again.  They have children at home during the school holidays and need some projects for those rainy days that seem to be persisting at the moment.

This Dream Catcher was made about 18 months ago, when I was experimenting with some of Maggie Grey's  ideas .   I used a glue gun and a pipe cleaner. Then added bits and pieces like metallic threads, beads, bead wire, feathers, ribbons, cord and metallic paint. I also threw in some $2.0 glitter nail polish.

How to make a Dream Catcher

1. Thread some beads onto a pipe them out leaving room for wrapping metallic thread or other type of decorative thread.

2. Wrap the pipe cleaner in a pretty thread or cord.  You will find a link on Maggie Grey's blog (right)  called "Silly wrappings " which shows how to wrap pipe cleaners using the bobbin winder on the sewing machine.  However wrapping by hand can be fun too. 

3. Join the ends of the pipe cleaner to make a circle.

4. Join some bead wire or a short piece of a pipe cleaner to the bottom of the circle  and thread on some beads.  Leave enough at the end for attaching feathers or ribbons etc.

5. Attach the feathers or ribbon with some bead wire or wrap some thread firmly around them until secure.

6. Tie a cord or ribbon at the top of the Dream Catcher for hanging.

Now we are ready to create the pattern with glue.

You will need to practice on some baking paper first.

1. Use a piece of baking paper under your work

2. Allow the glue gun to heat for a few minutes until the glue starts to escape.

3. Have extra sticks of glue ready to back up the one you are using...always have the gun full so the flow is not interrupted.

4. Now try drawing circles, lines, and random shapes.  All these can painted or waxed later to embellish other projects (see below)

5. To create the web design on the Dream Catcher ..start at the edge of the pipe cleaner and wander randomly across until you reach the other side.  Repeat the process until you are happy with your shapes.

6. It is now ready to be painted with acrylics, waxed, or varnished with glittery nail polish.

Other decorations can be made in a similar way.
Take care not to put your decorations in hot water as the glue will disolve and cover everything it touches with a nasty sticky coat.

Glue Gun Patterns

Ready to be painted

Glue shapes painted with metallic acrylics and gold and silver wax

Gold waxed glue embellishment on free form bowl

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