Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silk and Merino Felted Cobweb Scarf

I had a small amount of Silk and Merino blended tops left over from another project and decided make a cobweb scarf for the Pittsworth Craft and Fine Foods Festival being held the second weekend in Oct.

It took a lot longer to make than other scarves as I needed to check constantly to make the sure holes were forming ........and to scratch at the edges to stop them thickening.

I just love the result.  It is just as fine and soft as the previous scarf..weighing only 22 grams....and can be held in one hand like a handkerchief.

The weather is quite overcast and appears to be settling in for the rest of the week.  I didn't have the patience to wait for a clear day....... so the photos are not as bright as I would like.  They do show how the scarf will look in the evening though ...picking up the lovely shine of the silk.

Happy Felting
Cheers Joan


  1. Joan
    I just read your comment on Feltmakers--and HAD to visit to see your latest!
    It's EXQUISITE! Can it pass the sinning test & be pulled through a wedding ring?
    It's grey and drizzly at Redcliffe! Just what we don't want for the second day of the First Settlement Festival

  2. Hi Maureen
    Yes! I just tested it. It is only my second cobweb scarf and I hadn't even heard of the sinning test before. But it Passed!!!! Well, I'm absolutely chuffed.
    We have the Carnival of Flowers up here in Toowoomba at the moment...luckily the weather stayed reasonably clear yesterday for our parade. All the best with your Festival down in Redcliffe.

  3. wonderful feltwork!!! i love this white scarf! beautiful!

    (sorry, my english is not good)

  4. i luv luv luv the color, lightness & airiness. i made one similar several years ago, and it is probably my favorite. annemlars

  5. That really looks lovely. I can't get my cobweb scarves that holey, I am afraid they will tear.

  6. Hi Joan,
    I love what you did,it is beautiful.Well done.
    I am very busy with lots of things,not much of craft.
    love Visnja

  7. Thank you all for your comments.
    Filz-t.raum I can only speak English, so I greatly admire anyone who can communicate in a second language.
    Kate I do love this little scarf...I think I'll have to make another one just for me.
    I know what you mean Colleen...I was a little tentative myself. The result was a lot stronger than do give it ago.
    Visnja "busy with lots of things" sounds interesting. Hope to see your posts soon.


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