Saturday, September 17, 2011

Red Beret and Blue Pixie Beanie

Although have made many felt hats I have never had any success with berets.  Most were too thick and heavy, or the head opening was too large and fell over my eyes.  Often they were recycled into bags and bowls or cut up and used in some other way.  This time I only used 2 thin  layers of merino cross tops and made this little red beret.  At last something that might work. I'm already thinking about how I can improve the process.

The little Red Beret will join this Blue Pixie Beanie on International Felt Day.
For the blue beanie I used a mix of fine Merino and a blended Cross Merino.  Each beanie takes on its own unique character and I have found that each can change again and again by simply wetting and re-folding.  Lots of fun and very functional.

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