Saturday, September 17, 2011

Felting with Wire

I've been working on some ideas for Serendipity Farm Animal Rescue's Open Day in October.  I hope have some wire felted head bands and bracelets to put toward the fund raising effort, as well as demonstrating my wire felting method on the day.  I have adapted the process and ideas of 3 other felters and will post my own "how to" version at a later date. 

To learn more about Serentipity go to the link at the top right hand side of this blog. Please come and support the efforts of this lovely family in caring for unwanted animals.  Many of their animals were lost when a wall of water hit the Lockyer valley in January 2011 and they are working hard to rebuild pens and fences, as well as feed newly rescued animals.  I will post more information about the Open Day as it comes ......or you might like to follow Serendipity on Facebook.

Below is the first wire felt.



  1. The head band is terrific! I look forward to your "how to" post on wire felt.


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