Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not the Australian Way - SHAME

My Choko and Pumpkin crop vandalised
I had a huge load of work to get through and I needed to take control of my time.  Tasks like:  proof reading for me often left out words or phrases when immersed in the topic.  Commissioned portraits that were long over due...these can take 3 months even with total focus.  Felting orders to be sent overseas as presents.  Many business tasks that created feelings of anxiety and vexed my creative spirit.  Purchases to be invoiced and posted and more.   Of course there was the Gum Tree Garden Studio that drained me physically, especially when I had bouts of Chronic Fatigue and needed to take constant power naps.  Lastly my veggies that I am trying to increase to help those in need....some were going to help the local Green grocer keep fresh produce available to the community.  Some were reserved  for a little 10 year old girl with liver cancer, who could only eat chokos during treatment - they were not available in the shops after the floods.  Some went to single parents, aged pensions and young families.

Because I was constantly being interrupted I decide to post a very polite, but firm notice on my door to let unexpected visitors know that I may not be answering the door during this time and why, thanking them for their consideration.  Most had my email address and phone number and were free to contact me at any time.   One person saw this "please do not disturb" sign as being for everyone else and her interruptions escalated.....I stood my ground and continued with my tasks working well into the night.  Others were depending on me to meet my deadlines so they could meet theirs.

After 3 days of pounding on my door and not contacting me via email or voice mail she gave up.  But had she .....on the eve of Australia Day I looked out my window.  Why I decided to look out that particular window I don't know.  What I saw astounded me........ she had ripped all the choko vines off my fence and cut the stems of my pumpkins leaving half ripened fruit to die. I might add that she had been harvesting the chokos from this vine for over three was originally planted to allow her ongoing access to fresh chokos for her family and friends.

One lone pumpkin vine was looped over the paling to support
the young pumpkins that had decided to grow there.
 Instead of lowering the pumpkins gently down, the vine was
deliberately cut where it was looped and the unripe pumpkins left to die
Every where else in Australia people are pulling together ...helping one and other through recovery during the national crisis.  But occasionally we come across an incredible lack of concern  for others.  I will now need to tell those waiting for their veggies that they will not be coming for a while.  I will of course make sure the little girl still gets her chokos even if I have to buy them myself.

Her behaviour is not the Australian Way.  SHAME


  1. Joan,this what she did is so disgusting ,I can't understand people like this.I am so sorry for you and people who you were helping.
    I hope that things will improve in next few weeks.

  2. Hi Vi,
    The little girl has enough chokos to last her for a while thankfully. It will take a few weeks to get the vines producing again though.

    It's the lack of community spirit that is so astounding...especially at this time when so many crops have been destroyed. It is so important to speak out whenever this happens remain silent is to say this type of behaviour is OK. Thankyou for adding your voice to mine.


  3. This made me cry.... I'm so sorry that one mean spirited person could envy you so greatly as to hurt so many others. It's so very sad...
    Bless you for being a hero, the world needs more of you.

  4. How disappointing. We have this land which should be put to better food production, however, some people feel a need to have their back yards "just so" and can not tolerate a bit of vine poking through the fence. A bit of understanding and support would be appreciated.

  5. It is so sad that this neighbour felt she needed to destroy the the vines and the crop on my side of the fence as well. Legal guidelines state that one must take care not to damage the owners plant.

  6. I'm so sorry this happened. What in the world could this woman have thought so important that she would take out her angst against those vines to vex you? Shame on her. Such waste in time of need is sad and I hope she realizes what she has done. What a sad person she must be.

    You weill move on to do more good. She will continue to stew in her resentment.

  7. Thanks all, the local green grocer is receiving chokos from a their supplier now, so I can focus on my regular recipients. There is a nice little crop on my clothes line that should be ready to pass on in about a week. Jen, you are right I am moving on....I'm about to dig up a patch of garden on the other side of the house. No problems there. They have 5 kids and will welcome any food that escapes their way, LOL.

    Cheers Joan


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