Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Minuscule" in the Backyard: The Wasp and the Spider

I was feeling sorry for myself much to do and so little time.....until I saw the labour of this "minuscule".

The pace was a fast walk for me and more than my camera could match......... and within a few minutes it was gone .....out of sight .......leaving me to ponder on the mystery of nature.....

WOW...look at the size of that load....

This camera is so slow...she has travelled at least 5 metres between shots.

Onto some rough ground...........

No such thing as gravity .....I was still having trouble keeping up with my camera.

OK, where to now....what a silly question. she knew exactly where to go.
Before I could focus my camera again she was over the seven foot fence..........and out of sight.
 This incredible little wasp had dragged her catch a good 25 metres before I lost sight of her.

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  1. Waouw what a strong little creature!!

    I love Your bowls they are beautiful of shape :-) I go watch and see them again.

    I have made my letters a little darker green, I hope You can read it now. But it is in Dutch!!

    With love, Els


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