Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cobweb Scarf

The rain last week was a wonderful opportunity to try another scarf using the cobweb method I used in the last posting.  This time I used thinner strips of super fine merino (19.5 mic grms) and set them further apart.  I needed to stretch the  mohair cobwebs across a much wider gap.  I was absolutely delighted when they held together. 

The scarf was so light  (only 21grms) I could hold it in the palm of the hand like a hankerchief.

Well here it is....   I took several shots....white was hard to photograph and the light was not the best in the late afternoon.


  1. Love this! I am always amazed how well they hold together when I start wet felting my cobweb scarves-felt is so magical. This looks wonderful!

  2. This is a gorgeous piece. It looks so very soft and delicate. Lovely....really lovely.


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