Sunday, July 4, 2010

More on Free Form Bowls

I am making a sculptured gourd to hang in the garden and wanted to try using Paverpol to turn it into an all weather sculpture.  First I need to test a small felt object to see how it would work.  So I decided to whip up another bowl for the  experiment.

I found a piece of felt left over from another project and a glass bowl for a mould.

I cut a rough square and placed it over the mould. 
It was then it worked hard with hot soapy water until it took the shape of the mould.

This time I decided not to curl the corners outwards. Instead I turned them inside and worked the felt into the scalloped edge.

When it began to firm I cut the surplus felt leaving a centimetre to allow further shrinkage and continued to work the bowl.

Next the scalloped edges were trimmed carefully...using the bowl as a guide.  The felt was removed and thrown into a bowl of hot water and vigorously worked.
The result was a crinkled piece of felt....this is fine and nothing to worry about . It shows that the felt is "fulling" nicely.

The felt was put back on the bowl and stretched and smoothed....paying attention to the scallops.  Then put into an old stocking and tied off tightly to hold the stretch while drying.

Hey Presto!  Here is the bowl ready for painting with Paverpol.

 As an after thought  I have decided reverse the pattern and have it on the inside.  So the bowl was wet down with hot water, stretched again over the bowl, and  popped into the old stocking to dry. 

I will upload the Paverpol results another time together with the sculptured gourd.  In the meantime I hope this gives you some more ideas to play with over the school hols.

Thanks for the great feed back so far .....and yes,  you can use the comment section without it being problem. I'll just treat it as a regular email. Keep warm,  Joan


  1. Hello, my name is Ursula, I live in Lima Peru. I want to know what kind of soap used in the felt wet, and I feel I do not speak English well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.

  2. Hello Ursula,
    Lovely to meet you. The soap in the picture here is a bar of personal pure soap. I find it better than liquid soap as I can put it where I want it and control the amount. Rubbing a little on the hands and then wiping over the wet felt is often enough.

  3. I find your blog very interesting and full of variety. I am looking into using Paverpol to stiffen felted objects. Do I apply it at the end with a brush? Does it leave a visible coat?
    Thank you,


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