Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Gourd

I have finished the gourd at last and hung it from a branch of the sad old Cyprus pine tree at the east side of the house.  I had thought of putting it in the Native Daphne tree out back and watch from the kitchen window as the birds investigated this strange object. However over the last couple weeks there has been a little bird settling in the pine tree each evening and singing the most beautiful song.  I don't know what the bird is...I only got a brief glimpse of something the size of a small sparrow.  It seemed to be a plain fawn colour with out markings.... I was so quick.  Perhaps, now that the gourd hangs in a place that will give me a good view, I will be able solve the mystery.

I used left over fleece ...all kinds..... for the bulk of the gourd and finished with merino tops in graduated tones of eucalyptus and wattle.  Scraps of red felt were used for the inserts.  Just couldn't leave it alone added some felted vines and little critters just for fun.  It is rather large ...standing just a smidgen under 18". 

You will find step by step photos of the process here  .  Place you cursor over each photo and it will show a description of the process.
I'll be trying some more designs for the garden.  I thought the next project might be a snake for the top of my clothes line......the birds are lovely....but not when they are on my washing.

Enjoy the sun!!


  1. I love your gourd. It must be like having a gnome in your tree!

  2. Your gourd is so beautiful! Have you found out what kind of bird it was yet?
    By the way I really admire your wearable art and the way you create your textiles. :)

  3. Frugal Kiwi, I was looking at it only yesterday and thought....yes... it did actually look like a gnome in a tree.

    Alex, I haven't quite solved the mystery yet, but did see the shadowy shape of the tiny bird as it flit around the gourd. I did some research online and..... I think it may be fairy wren.


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