Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Free Form Bowl Emerges from the Depths

From deep amongst the massive pile of wools, fibres, artist materials and junk (all treasures waiting to be added to a wonderful creation),  I found this little free form bowl that I made some time ago.  It was made with fine Eucalyptus merino tops and novelty yarn.  It tended to be a bit floppy and dull, and consequently had been thrown in the reject pile ready for recycling.   After looking at it with new eyes I decided to turn it inside out ........ and here it is...... a smart little bowl with a unique style all it's own.

You can see the first post describing how these simple little free form bowls are made here if you would like to have ago. 

Happy felting.


  1. Hi Joan, some months back I bookmarked your July 2010 post on felt bowls and have just today made my first one! I logged on to your blog today to tell you, and I see you've posted again about felted bowls. I love them, and your work is very inspiring. I wanted to find out more about Paverpol - I have never heard of it. Where do you buy it? Can I pick it up from Bunnings or should I buy it online? Also, do you use a paintbrush to apply? Thanks, Felicity

  2. Hi Felicity, thanks for the kind words. I bought a litre online from Paverpol Australia
    some years ago. I decided to experiment on the one bowl and applied it with an artists coarse hair brush. Apart from that I am very inexperienced in it's use.


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