Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing with the Pages

When I found I could add pages to my blog I started to play around with them.  They may change from time to time as my mood changes, so pop back now and then for updates.

  The "The Chest" is for the little treasures I have around the house that may rarely see the light of day. With them here on my pages....I am reminded that they are there and can bring them out once in a while.  It is also for viewing the occasional photo that is stored in my home made wooden chest. A little bit of nostalgia.....

"My Gallery"  A little bit of a push to get more paintings and portraits done.  With this tab up I can no longer procrastinate.  I have 2 studios with half finished watercolour, pastel , oil , acrylic and mixed media assemblage and sculpture experiments.   This page is a strong reminder that I still have some wonderful creative journeys to complete.

"My Market Place"  is the place to display works for sale..... that until now have been hoarded in dark cupboards.  There may also be a link to a photo stream.   In time I will have information and prices or links to an online store.  In the meantime if you see anything you would like to buy me for information...most works are for sale.

I've copied what I have here to the "pages".


  1. That's interesting. It does change the effect for the blog. I also have been thinking about a webstore, and am now in process of getting one. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Colleen, I'll be watching out for your Web store. Hope it does well.

    My little market place has the emphasis on "little" for now, as I prefer to focus on creating rather than selling. However I often have people interested in buying my work and this will be a good place for them browse at leisure before buying.


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