Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Damson Felt Hat Changes Personality

My friends came over and asked what do I mean the hat can change personality......... so I let them try on a few angles for fun. They were a little shy in posing for the blog so the hat had to go back on the stand.

Option 1 with the band doubling as a scarf is shown in the previous post.

Here are three more options for that unique personality or changing mood.
I see option 1. and 2. as the best for my long face, but I liked the other options on my friends.  Which option is your favourite?

Option 2 (below):
Here the Crazy Felt band is wrapped around twice and the ends tied to form a stylised flower.

Option 3 (below):  The curled brim is worn at the front for an open face look.


Option 4 (below):
This is option 2 with the front brim turned up for a totally different look.


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