Sunday, June 20, 2010

How Small is an Egg?

My girls are all grown up. It only seems like yesterday that they were day old hatchling. Oh, so cute!

" I'm the King of the Castle"

This tiny little black and white chick was taken by a neighbours cat a few weeks later.  We were absolutely devastated.
"Where's my Mummy?"

"Taking the Youngsters for a Walk"
Five of the eight hatchlings raised by my two broody bantams were roosters.  They were later adopted into homes of generous "Freecyclers", where they could roam free and crow to their hearts delight.  So my two broody bantam mums are now left with one hatchling each..........a huge Black Rock and a tiny Belgian D'Anver.

"All Grown Up"
"Is that cat back again"

Over the last week or so my Black Rock pullet has been giving me an egg every day for lunch in spite of the cold snaps up here on the Toowoomba Range.  I did a little research and it seems that I can look forward to nearly 280 eggs per year from her.

Just yesterday my delightful tiny D'Anver laid her first egg. There were squeals of delight as everyone marvelled at it's remarkable size.  Can an egg really be that small.

Belgian D'Anver - One of the prettiest little hens I have seen

What was that.........?"

"How small is an Egg....?"  Eggs from my two pullets


  1. Ohh Joan these are awesome pictures.. Your little family... They are so sweet.. Will get up there to see you soon....

  2. Abbie, So pleased you dropped it to take a look. The big Black Rock came from one of your mystery eggs. She is an absolute treasure.


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